Friday, October 28, 2011

Fergburger - Tropical Swine

If there is one place to eat in Queenstown then Fergburger is the one. I was here a few months ago and felt it was a necessity to write my experience. This place is popular with the locals, travelers and celebrities, anyone you ask about where to eat will direct you to Fergburger. It is easy to find as you can spot the queue of people tailing out onto the street. The shop is small considering the demand of people who want to eat there as you just meander through the crowds. Inside are a row of tables with stools and a floor space where people just wait for their burger number to be called after ordering, Behind the counter you can see the staff are organised in a production line fashion and can watch your burger being compiled from scratch.

In terms of choice there was a great selection and I chose Tropical Swine, made up of:
  • Prime New Zealand beef
  • American streaky bacon
  • Edam cheese
  • Pineapple
  • Lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and tomato relish
It was yummy! You can see from the photo how large the burger was, the bun was really crispy and the chips weren't bad either. Though I would say eating the burger along would be enough to fill you up. The patty was succulent, the vegetables were fresh and the pineapple surprisingly complimented the rest of the burger. It was delicious. The chips weren't great but no one eats here for them, they come here for the massive, tasty burgers. The only downside was the lack of seating and no one cleaned the tables.

Tropical Swine with chips

Ratings: 8.25/10
Service - 7/10
Presentation - 9/10
Taste - 9/10

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kumara chips

I was recommended to try chips made of sweet potato called kumara in Picton as I heard they were especially good here. Kumara is basically orange or gold sweet potato which is an important vegetable in the Maori diet, which is usually roasted.

I tried it for the first time from a local chip shop and my first impression was that it looked like squishy orange chips. They were thick cut, lightly dusted with sea salt and given to me in a cone. I think if the chips were more thinly cut and made more like fries then it would have been a lot crispier and had a more crunchier edge. But they were good and had a really soft texture inside and didn't taste as stodgy as chips. I love sweet potato and would definitely try to make these back at home. 

Kumara wedges Credit to:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Invitation to a Hangi

I spent an evening at Mitai which gave me an introduction into the Maori culture. It was a brilliant experience, watching the warriors perform the Haka and talking us through their culture. The main highlight of the evening was being invited to a Hangi. This is where food is cooked in the ground with hot rocks basically making an underground oven. Food is slow cooked for four hours and wrapped up in foil pack in all the flavour. Delicious is an understatement to describe just how good the food was. It was outstanding! I had heard a lot about how good the food was but I did not expect it to be this good! Apologies in advance to my aunts but the stuffing here was the best I've ever tasted.

When dinner was served there were tables of food from chicken, lamb, pasta, salad, stuffing, sauteed potatoes, mash potatoes, roast vegetables and an array of condiments. It was an open buffet and the different desserts were endless. From what I remember there was pavlova, swiss roll, chocolate cakes and so much more. Primarily focusing on the meat, it was so flavoursome and wasn't dry in the slightest and the stuffing had been spiced perfectly, it was a proper hearty meal. I could keep praising the Hangi but you just have to experience it for yourself. 

Hangi covered with cloth
Lamb, chicken, potatoes and the unforgettable stuffing wrapped in foil
My plate and I went for seconds!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Katsu curry

Oishi!! I love Katsu curry and everything about it. This dish had boiled rice, salad dressed with Japanese mayonaise and mash potato accompanying my chicken Katsu curry. I want to learn how to make the sauce and replicate this dish at home.

Chicken Katsu curry