Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love this place, when I first arrived in Melbourne and exploring the city I was finding myself in Breadtop more often than I anticipated. Its a bakery that offers a variety of different cakes, pastries, bread, sweet buns, pies and other baked goods for a cheap price. I would say its more of an Oriental bakery as some pastries had ingredients used in Chinese sweet food such as red bean or green tea.

When you walk past the window its hard not to stare as the food is beautifully presented and made.The outside of the shop is all glass to entice the passerby to step inside and start picking what they want. The baked goods are kept behind glass counters, which are covered with sliding doors. You go into the shop, pick up a pair of tongs and a tray and start walking around the shop, kind of like pick 'n mix. If you find something you like, you slide the glass door, pick it up with your tongs and place it on the tray. 

There are so many delicious things to try. My favourite is the egg and ham roll, mini hamburger, brioche and the crab roll. The dough they make is so soft and light, perfect for a snack to fill you up before dinner. The selection that Breadtop offer is vast and very likely to satisfy one's pallet, I found myself overspending as most goods are less than $3.

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