Saturday, December 3, 2011

Borek at Queen Victoria Market

This market is a tourist attraction in itself and you can pick up a lot of cool bargains, but my favourite part has to be the anitpasti and food stall section. Every time I come here it is always packed out with people queuing up to make their order. The deli counters here are a foodie's dream and most goods can be picked up for a cheap price. One place which struck my attention was Boreks, a turkish deli which constantly has crowds of people gathering around to make their order. When the trays of Boreks come fresh out of the oven and straight onto the counter, within minutes they are all gone. I ordered spicy lamb and vegetable Borek for a cool $2.50 and a Borek cheese cigar for $2.

The lamb Borek was really yummy and I can see what all the rave was about, it tasted great and it was cheap! It was piping hot when I bought it and could smell the spices. To me it looked like a pannini, it was toasted and crunchy and I would have liked to seen more filling inside.

The cheese cigar was feta cheese rolled with filo pastry and deep fried. The pastry texture was so good, it was light and crunchy so just fell apart in my mouth. I didn't really like the taste of the feta, it was very plain and the pastry was very greasy, as you can probably see from the oil stains in the photo.

Spicy lamb and vegetable Borek

 Cheese cigar

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