Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kangaroo steak

One thing on my list to try when I came to Australia was kangaroo as I was told it was high in protein and iron and had little fat, unlike other meats. The first time I saw it the colour of the meat did put me off as it was blood red. You can tell from the second photo down just how red it looked.

On my weekly shopping trip to Coles I walked through the meat counter and decided to try kangaroo. I bought three pieces for $5.66 which had been marinaded with garlic and herb. At home I heated up the pan, threw in some onion and pan fried the kangaroo steak. I found that it cooked a lot slower than beef as it had been tenderised. The first time I had to keep checking whether the inside was cooked or not. 

I read a few online articles about the best way to eat kangaroo and decided to cook it medium-rare. It tasted very similar to beef but not as chewy and was very juicy. When I cut into the steak it just oozed with flavour and tasted so good. Although my first bite of kangaroo tasted a bit like grass, can't explain why but it did. Nonetheless I would definitely eat kangaroo again and cooked differently.   

Bought from Coles 
Blood red colour
Rare in the center
Medium-rare kangaroo with salad
So juicy and delicious

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