Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shuji Sushi

I sat at work craving sushi like mad and as soon as it hit 4.30pm I shot out of work in search for the closest sushi bar. Thinking about it now, I shouldn't have been so hasty. I saw Shuji Sushi was open on Commercial Road and stepped into the shop. It was small, quiet and looked very authentic but don't be fooled.

There wasn't much choice to pick from as it was the late afternoon but that was no excuse for the poor quality of sushi rolls. I wasn't impressed at all. I bought a smoked tuna roll, which had far too much carrot inside, that was the only thing I could taste and the mayonnaise inside wasn't evenly spread. Not only that but the nori was really chewy and tasted cheap. The second roll was tuna, avocado and cucumber, this wasn't much better. All I could taste was the avocado and the tuna was too dry, there wasn't enough mayonnaise inside. Lastly the filling inside the roll got less towards the end, which is cheeky as of course they stand the sushi roll up so you can't see the bottom.

So my lesson learnt is to never visit this chain again.

From the left: Smoked tuna, chicken teriyaki, tuna and avocado
The bottom of the sushi rolls, I felt robbed

Website: http://www.shujisushi.com.au/default.asp

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