Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fish and Chips at Fish Tank

After spending a day at the beach there is nothing more than wanting to eat a good portion of fish and chips, and that is what my friend and I did. We had spent the afternoon in Brighton and took the train to Middle Brighton where we spotted a small chip shop called Fish Tank. The place was buzzing outside with locals and inside was just as busy. We could see where they got the shop name from as there was a large fish tank inside the wall, filled with topical fish like Nemo and Dory.

There was a big selection in what to choose and everything looked delicious, it didn't help that they had all the fish displayed and you could see what was on special and what fish was marinated in what. I decided on the Daily Catch Pack, which was the catch of the day and chips, today's was Blue Grenadier.

I must say that I was super impressed with this chip shop, the fish batter was crunchy and wasn't too greasy. The fish itself tasted so fresh and fell apart in my mouth, it was so tender and soft and the chunky chips were perfect with the fish. I love big chunky chips with battered fish, none of these skinny fries and it tasted so good dipped in the tartar sauce provided. The sauce may have been homemade, it had a thick consistency and was full of flavour.The meal hit the spot.

The fish shop itself was pretty cool and its not like your usual chip shop as they sell seafood as well, which is all sourced locally from either Australia or New Zealand. Also they give you the option in whether you want your fish deep fried or grilled and salad instead of chips. Pretty much caters for anyone.

Fresh seafood on available
The counter with displaying fresh fish and the menu
Daily catch pack - Blue Grenadier with chunky chips

Ratings: 7.75
Service: 7/10
Presentation: 6/10
Taste: 9/10
Quality: 9/10

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