Monday, January 9, 2012

Japan Inn

I work on St Kilda Road and there is a small Japanese restaurant next door, which makes some great sushi. I tried the beef roll with cucumber and tuna with sweet chili sauce. They were both yum! The seaweed was really tasty, it was soft and didn't dry up your mouth. The flavour on the beef was delicious, think it was teriyaki and the sweet chili sauce with tuna was divine. I love mixing in chili sauce with tuna in my sandwiches and this place was the first where I've seen it in sushi. I will definitely try to recreate this when I'm back in England.

There are other things other the menu like hot dishes served in bento boxes but as my lunch break is only 30 minutes, I just worry the food won't be out in time. Such a shame this place closes at 4pm as I would have loved to buy food for dinner after work. 

This place is a definite if you work around St Kilda Road where it crosses over with Toorak Road.

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