Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pandan Swiss Roll at Maxims

I love Pandan cake and for those who have no idea what it is, it is a really soft sponge cake, which is usually bright green in colour. The sponge is so light and fluffy that it just melts in your mouth. As I was strolling through Little Bourke Street I noticed Maxim's Cakes, an Eastern influenced bakery and couldn't resist a visit. It is very similar to Bread Top but I think has more dessert based pastry than savoury. I ended up buying a slice of Pandan Swiss Roll for a couple of dollars. It was just as heavenly as I had imagined. The sponge was squishy and the cream filling was so light inside it made the cake.

I would love to have a bakery like this at home, I love the pick and mix concept with the cakes.
Maxim's Cakes
Large selection of cakes
Slice of Pandan Swiss Roll

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