Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fiesta in Toorak

My friend and I had been craving Mexican food for a while and after looking around for the ideal place we came across Fiesta in Toorak. This place was an absolute treat! When we first arrived around 4.45pm there were people already waiting outside on the tables for the restaurant to open, this was a promising sign that the food here was good and did did not disappoint.

My first impression of the inside was that the decoration could do with a bit of updating and from the photos around the restaurant they were very proud that tennis hero Leyton Hewitt and his wife Bec ate at the restaurant and they weren't only the famous people, Andy Murray and Andre Agassi had both eaten here. They even named some dishes after Hewitt and Agassi.

The service was good throughout the meal, we first ordered two glasses of sangria, which were very fruity and flavoursome. I loved the cinnamon stick left in the glass, I've been to Spain countless times and never have they left the cinnamon. I loved the aftertaste it left in my mouth, it wasn't too over powering. Great touch!

The main I ordered was Tostada Supreme, which was a tortilla covered with frijole, beef, onion, lettuce, cheese, chili sauce, guacamole served with a mango salsa, rice and a crispy tortilla. The whole dish was very filling and tasty. Everything went well together and I liked the crispy tortilla. it was great to dip in the guacamole. The negative was that I thought there was a bit too much frijole, which made the meal quite heavy and filled me up quickly and the mango salsa was still frozen. Nonetheless i enjoyed the meal I would definitely like to come here again and try another dish. 

Hewitt burrito
Tostada Supreme
My meal afterward, I could not finish it
Rating: 7.5
Service: 7/10
Presentation: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Taste: 8/10

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Suzuki night Market

When I went to the night market a few weeks ago I mentioned that there were so many places that I wanted to eat at, well I went again for the second time! This time I went a bit later with friends and ended up trying the ostrich burger. It was different, most time I say everything tastes like chicken but ostrich meat was more tougher, but doesn't have the same texture as beef. i would most definitely try it again. i also tried crocodile, which to me tasted like dry chicken.

I also tried 'dumplings' which we really fried donut balls covered with chocolate, ice cream and sesame seeds. This was so rich and filling, that I really couldn't finish off the punnet.

Ostrich burger with bbq sauce
Sample of crocodile meat
'Dumplings' covered with chocolate, dollop of ice cream and sesame seeds

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lord of the Fries

When I first arrived in Melbourne and walked through the train underpass to reach the CBD, the first thing I saw was Lord of the Fries on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Street and ever since then I've always wanted to try the chips there. The shop always has groups of people hanging around the front waiting for their food, blocking the pathway to the station. After 5 months I finally came and bought myself a cone of fries. The menu has a good selection of burgers and you can decide on what size you want it, what I like about the franchise is that they regularly change their Special Burger. I always see a new burger on the poster when I walk by. The sauces they have to offer come from across the continents, I chose Indian which was spicy mango chutney yogurt.

The wait for my chips took about 2 minutes and the chips were drowned in sauce, just how I like it, others would argue it's too much. But these chips were yummy and certainly hit the spot after I had been craving fried food all week. I also received a lot of stares from people eying up my chips and I heard one person say to his wife "Wow, they look so good". The sauce was ok, would have been better if it was spicy.

I would eat at Lord of the Fries again but at another franchise, maybe Melbourne Central and try their burgers and a different sauce.

Fries covered with sauce
Lord of the Fries opposite Flinders Station

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant

I went here on Valentine's Day after my housemate recommended it. The restaurant is down a small alley on Little Bourke Street and I was so surprised how busy it was considering the restaurant is hidden behind the busy streets of Chinatown.

Upon looking at the menu, I was so surprised how cheap it was, 12 dumplings are around $7.My friend and I went a bit crazy and ordered enough to feed a family. The service was lightening quick, probably waited around 4 minutes before the food was served. 

The dumplings were great, we ordered vegetarian spring rolls, fried pork dumplings, pumpkin cakes and spinach and prawn dumplings, which all came to $20. What a bargain! the food tasted great, apart from one dumpling I bit through where the flour was a bit raw. But I guess because of the quick service they try to serve the food as fast as possible. Another downer is that the place is very cramped, to get refill my green tea cup I had to squeeze between two people sitting back to back. I'm not exactly a big girl and I was struggling to push myself through.

Fried pork dumplings
From the top: Fried pork dumplings, pumpkin cakes, vegetarian spring rolls, spinach and prawn dumplings

Ratings: 6.5
Service: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Presentation: 4/10
Taste: 7/10

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sushi Burger

I love sushi and I love burgers, so what do you get when you cross the two? Sushi burger!

What an excellent concept and it works so well. When I first read about J's Cafe I didn't understand how one could make a burger with sushi until today and it was delicious.

I ordered teriyaki chicken burger with Tatsuya Age, which is deep fried chicken to take away. The burger was amazing! The chicken was so juicy and full of flavour, the rice acted as buns and was kept together with seaweed wrap. The burger was garnished with lettuce and mayonnaise, which gave it a crunch. The Tatsuya chicken wasn't oily and the batter was light and fluffy. The only negative was the meal was quite expensive and I wanted to eat more! It cost me $11.80 to take away and if this place was closer to where I lived I would have come back indefinitely. Sushi Burger could have definitely got it wrong but they use high quality foods, which makes it go that extra special mile and it works. Such a unique and fun idea, it's places like these which ignite my passion for food.

So if you are in the CBD and want a quick eat then do try this place. The sushi burgers are a gimmick but they are well executed and are so yummy and addictive.

Plastic food burgers
Teriyaki chicken sushi burger
Tatsuya Age
Ratings: 7.5
Service: 7/10
Presentation: 8/10
Taste: 9/10
Value: 6/10
Website: or
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Misty Diner

I have been craving to eat at this place ever since I moved to Windsor. Every time I walk past this diner its always busy, with people happily chirping away outside. I visited one Sunday evening and the place was packed with hungry people. Misty's Diner was actually a lot larger than i thought. From looking outside its deceptive as when you walk in the diner bends round and its really long. I liked the tacky American 1960s decor and the flashy neon jukeboxes, felt like it was a nice touch and that you were going back into Danny and Sandy era.

Upon arrival my friend and I were swiftly seated and were provided with a jug of water. My first reaction to seeing the menu was 'Oh my, so many choices'. The menu has everything you pretty much expect from an American diner; hot dogs, burgers, nachos, bbq ribs, tater tots and much more.

I decided on Misty's American Style which was a beef burger with egg, lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon, pickle, cheese and Misty's special sauce. The burger was huge. The waitress told us to eat it whilst holding the wrapper to prevent the burger fillings from falling out. My first bite cracked the egg yolk and from there onwards my burger was dripping with sauce. I ended up slicing it in half to make it easier to consume. The burger itself was really good and a very hearty meal especially when accompanied with curly fries.

I shouldn't have ordered dessert, but I could not resist the OMG Reese's Pieces Pie. This was so rich in chocolate and peanut filling was so good. The ice cream and whipped cream helped neutralise the richness of the cake and made it easier to stomach. Well I say easier to stomach but what I mean is, it helps digest the pie after eating a full on big beef burger. It was just so rich and sickly that I couldn't finish the pie. I had a really enjoyable evening here and even caught a glimpse of Misty herself. The staff were friendly and we didn't have to wait long for our food, my main problem was staring at every dish that came out from the kitchen. Everything looked lip smackingly good. There are no frills to this place, what you see is what you get, in a sense that you don't eat at an American diner and expect an array of salads. Not going to happen.

The only downside of Misty's Diner I would say is the price, I think its just a bit too overpriced for a glorified burger.

Misty's American Style Burger

Curly fries
OMG Reese's Pieces Pie

Rating: 6.75
Service: 8/10
Presentation: 6/10
Taste: 7/10
Value: 6/10

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Squeeze - On Sauce

Call me simple minded but I have never seen this before. Packets of sauce in which you can squeeze out without getting your fingers messy. This is a brilliant invention and the idea behind it is so simple yet effective. Thank you 7/11 for showing me the way.

Has a peak in the middle which splits when bent
Packet pushed in half to squeeze sauce out
The back of the packet

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Harajuku Crepes

I walk past this place a lot and from the outside it looks so inviting. Like many Japanese orientated restaurants it has the fake food display to entice those walking by and trust me, this place gets a lot of envious stares.

I ordered the strawberry and cream crepe which was made in minutes. The crepe was thin, crispy and tasted good. It wasn't stodgy and I could have eaten a lot more. The only downside was the cheap looking strawberry sauce they squeezed over the ice cream. It took the freshness of the strawberries and made it taste artificial, the colour itself was enough to put you off. In saying that the ice cream, cream and strawberries all wrapped up in this crepe was great, though when doesn't strawberries and cream taste good together.

Food display inside
Making the crepe from scratch

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunygal Mafe at Suzuki Night Market

The Suzuki Night Market is held every Wednesday during the summer in Melbourne at Queen Victoria Market. The main focus is on the numerous of food stalls, which range from different cuisines all over the world. I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide where to eat and believe in me, this will not be the last time I visit before the market it ends. After much deliberation I decided on food originating from Senegal, as I have never tried food from Africa whereas my friend chose Paella from a Spanish food stall.

My meal was delicious, I loved the satay sauce as it was thick and very peanut tasting. Ok, satay sauce should taste of peanut but when I have tried it at Chinese restaurants it doesn't have a strong peanut taste unlike this meal. The cous cous complimented it perfectly as it wasn't heavy on my stomach as the satay sauce was rich in flavour and had a great texture. For $10, I thought this was a bargain and look forward to trying more African dishes.

Food stall
Mate - Satay sauce with beef and cous cous

Rating: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Presentation: 6/10
Taste: 8/10
Value: 8/10