Saturday, February 4, 2012

Harajuku Crepes

I walk past this place a lot and from the outside it looks so inviting. Like many Japanese orientated restaurants it has the fake food display to entice those walking by and trust me, this place gets a lot of envious stares.

I ordered the strawberry and cream crepe which was made in minutes. The crepe was thin, crispy and tasted good. It wasn't stodgy and I could have eaten a lot more. The only downside was the cheap looking strawberry sauce they squeezed over the ice cream. It took the freshness of the strawberries and made it taste artificial, the colour itself was enough to put you off. In saying that the ice cream, cream and strawberries all wrapped up in this crepe was great, though when doesn't strawberries and cream taste good together.

Food display inside
Making the crepe from scratch

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