Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lord of the Fries

When I first arrived in Melbourne and walked through the train underpass to reach the CBD, the first thing I saw was Lord of the Fries on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Street and ever since then I've always wanted to try the chips there. The shop always has groups of people hanging around the front waiting for their food, blocking the pathway to the station. After 5 months I finally came and bought myself a cone of fries. The menu has a good selection of burgers and you can decide on what size you want it, what I like about the franchise is that they regularly change their Special Burger. I always see a new burger on the poster when I walk by. The sauces they have to offer come from across the continents, I chose Indian which was spicy mango chutney yogurt.

The wait for my chips took about 2 minutes and the chips were drowned in sauce, just how I like it, others would argue it's too much. But these chips were yummy and certainly hit the spot after I had been craving fried food all week. I also received a lot of stares from people eying up my chips and I heard one person say to his wife "Wow, they look so good". The sauce was ok, would have been better if it was spicy.

I would eat at Lord of the Fries again but at another franchise, maybe Melbourne Central and try their burgers and a different sauce.

Fries covered with sauce
Lord of the Fries opposite Flinders Station

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