Sunday, February 5, 2012

Misty Diner

I have been craving to eat at this place ever since I moved to Windsor. Every time I walk past this diner its always busy, with people happily chirping away outside. I visited one Sunday evening and the place was packed with hungry people. Misty's Diner was actually a lot larger than i thought. From looking outside its deceptive as when you walk in the diner bends round and its really long. I liked the tacky American 1960s decor and the flashy neon jukeboxes, felt like it was a nice touch and that you were going back into Danny and Sandy era.

Upon arrival my friend and I were swiftly seated and were provided with a jug of water. My first reaction to seeing the menu was 'Oh my, so many choices'. The menu has everything you pretty much expect from an American diner; hot dogs, burgers, nachos, bbq ribs, tater tots and much more.

I decided on Misty's American Style which was a beef burger with egg, lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon, pickle, cheese and Misty's special sauce. The burger was huge. The waitress told us to eat it whilst holding the wrapper to prevent the burger fillings from falling out. My first bite cracked the egg yolk and from there onwards my burger was dripping with sauce. I ended up slicing it in half to make it easier to consume. The burger itself was really good and a very hearty meal especially when accompanied with curly fries.

I shouldn't have ordered dessert, but I could not resist the OMG Reese's Pieces Pie. This was so rich in chocolate and peanut filling was so good. The ice cream and whipped cream helped neutralise the richness of the cake and made it easier to stomach. Well I say easier to stomach but what I mean is, it helps digest the pie after eating a full on big beef burger. It was just so rich and sickly that I couldn't finish the pie. I had a really enjoyable evening here and even caught a glimpse of Misty herself. The staff were friendly and we didn't have to wait long for our food, my main problem was staring at every dish that came out from the kitchen. Everything looked lip smackingly good. There are no frills to this place, what you see is what you get, in a sense that you don't eat at an American diner and expect an array of salads. Not going to happen.

The only downside of Misty's Diner I would say is the price, I think its just a bit too overpriced for a glorified burger.

Misty's American Style Burger

Curly fries
OMG Reese's Pieces Pie

Rating: 6.75
Service: 8/10
Presentation: 6/10
Taste: 7/10
Value: 6/10

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