Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Suzuki night Market

When I went to the night market a few weeks ago I mentioned that there were so many places that I wanted to eat at, well I went again for the second time! This time I went a bit later with friends and ended up trying the ostrich burger. It was different, most time I say everything tastes like chicken but ostrich meat was more tougher, but doesn't have the same texture as beef. i would most definitely try it again. i also tried crocodile, which to me tasted like dry chicken.

I also tried 'dumplings' which we really fried donut balls covered with chocolate, ice cream and sesame seeds. This was so rich and filling, that I really couldn't finish off the punnet.

Ostrich burger with bbq sauce
Sample of crocodile meat
'Dumplings' covered with chocolate, dollop of ice cream and sesame seeds

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