Friday, March 16, 2012

Titanic Theatre Restaurant

If you wanted to pretend that you were onboard on one of the most luxurious ships in the world for one evening then the Titanic Theatre Restaurant is a good choice. This restaurant is pretty much a 'what is says on the tin' type place. When you enter the 'Titanic' they have decorated the inside with newspaper articles from 1912 and allow guests to take their photo in front of the 'Jack I'm flying' backdrop along with props like feather boas. 

It was a good laugh with my friends before we walked upstairs to First Class dining. The dining room was decorated better than I gave them credit for, it really did give you the feel as if you were on the actual Titanic ship. The staff were dressed to the theme and even the guests were in formal, which gave it that extra upper class feeling.

The food came from a set menu where the main and dessert were alternated between the guests and it was good, much better than I had expected. The food came out promptly and accordingly to their schedule and after the meal the staff performed a short play, which had the guests in fits and giggles. The evening was fun and that's what I expected from a place like this. The whole experience was better than I thought it would be, the only downside was the price and luckily we were bumped to First Class after paying for Steerage, which I can only assume they couldn't get enough people to fill up the places. 

Outside of the Titanic Theatre Restaurant
Decoration in First Class
Main: Chicken wrapped with bacon
Rating: 7.75 Service: 8/10 Presentation: 9/10 Quality: 7/10 Taste: 7/10 Website:

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