Thursday, May 17, 2012

International buffet at Macau Tower

Dining in Macau Tower cost us around £23 per person, which is expensive in Macau, but I loved the experience. The floor rotates and you can see a 360 view of Macau, the Grand Lisboa just towers over the buildings. 

This is also the highest place in the world to do a bungee jump, sitting in the restaurant you can see the jumping platform above you.

The food itself is a mix of cuisines, from Asian, European to Oriental and there is so much variety. There are salads, noodles, rice, curries, pasta, dim sum, sushi, the list is endless. The chefs are constantly cooking up food and laying them out on the tables, there is so much good food that its best to pick small amounts to make sure you get to taste everything. The floor also rotates around, you don't notice it much until you starting looking out the window at different buildings. I think its a great experience and if you can afford to splash a little cash, then do it!

I've not provided any ratings as it was a buffet, but my boyfriend and I thought the food was great and I'm pretty sure we ate our £23 worth of food.


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