Saturday, November 17, 2012

New World Dim Sum

I really craved some authentic, traditional dim sum and my friend recommended New World to me. When I walked through the door there was already a large crowd in the reception area, waiting to be seated. Someone from the front house would give you a number and then you just wait for that number to be called out. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the interior, the place looked tired and reminded me of sitting in my grandparents house back in the 80s.

Dim sum is wheeled around in a trolley where the waiter stops at your table and you get to pick what you want. There was a large variety of dishes which we could try from steamed, baked and fried dim sim. My favourite dish was the prawns fried in a light pastry. 

The staff spoke limited English, so they don't really speak much and expect you to point at what you want and eat. I also asked for sweet chilli sauce and the waiter ended up giving it to another table. Apart from that, I did enjoy my meal here and would come here again to try other dishes, as I didn't order anything from the menu. 

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