Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Brasserie - Ultimate Aged Burger

This is probably one of the more expensive burgers I have opted for in a restaurant, though from reading the caption in the menu, a burger lover like me could not resist.

I chose the Ultimate 30 day dry aged steak burger and I quote from The Brasserie menu:

"A perfect ratio of 30 day dry aged sirlion, rib eye and hangar steak. Full bodied, buttery, juicy, tender and bursting with bold taste. Holy cow!! Possibly the best burger you will ever have."

With a description like that, who is to deny me of this burger. I must admit that it was a great tasting burger and again with the soft, crunchy brioche bun. The meat was so juicy and melted in my mouth. It did definitely taste different and I would call this a proper burger, not a patty. Would I pay $20 again for this? Yes I would.

Aged burger with fries

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