Saturday, December 15, 2012

U Balouna

My boyfriend and I spontaneously bought a city holiday package to Prague for the weekend. We both wanted to see the famous Christmas markets and get away from London for a few days, so took advantage of the British Airways sale.

We arrived at Prague in the afternoon, tired from a 0715 flight so didn't want to spend too long looking for somewhere to eat. We walked around Mustek and found a Czech pub called U Balouna, which was well hidden off the streets. There was only a large sign advertising "Original Czech Restaurant" and pointing down a long corridor. As we followed the sign the restaurant was downstairs at the back of the building, my initial thoughts was that we should make a swift exit. However when we actually walked down into the restaurant it was busy with Czech people and had a really warm atmosphere.

For our mains we ordered pork knee roasted in dark beer with roasted potatoes and lamb knee with mashed potato. The food was quite heavy altogether and the lamb was overcooked, which made the lamb stick to the bone. Presentation however was spot on and I loved the vibe in the restaurant, it had some funky up beat jolly music.

Lamb knee with spinach and mashed potato
Pork knee with potato
Entrance to the restaurant

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