Saturday, December 15, 2012

U kocku

This is by far the worst restaurant I have ever been to. The service was terrible and the food was so over priced, so I'm not even going to spend much time writing about this. The menu was a mess, it had so many choices from Czech, Italian, Greek and Eastern European food. But was I despised the most was the behaviour of the main waiter. 

When we paid the bill, we noticed a 10% service charge was added and paid it. We then waited for our change and I could see the waiter looking at our table, he avoided us for about 15 minutes and then came slowly over with our money. As we stood up and took the change he then said "Aren't you going to leave us tip?" I looked at him and pointed to the receipt and told him that a service charge had already been added and he shook his head and said it was tax. I knew that instance he was lying and trying to swindle us, I've been in Asia where there are plenty of scams to rip off tourists and I wasn't going to fall for this. I disagreed with him and told him we had paid the service charge and he threw us a disgusting look and tutted at us. I had never experienced rude behaviour like that before.

From sitting in the restaurant earlier I noticed that different waiters served at different tables but it was always this one man who was providing the bill, so I assume he made a habit of exploiting tourists. Disappointing.

Grilled aubergine with tzatziki
Chicken on skewer

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