Monday, January 21, 2013

Giraffe Stop

Whilst waiting for my boyfriend's train to arrive at London Kings Cross we stopped off to get a quick bite to eat at Giraffe, in which I conveniently had a 40% off voucher to redeem. From the outside I initially thought it was a full on restaurant, but as I looked around it was different, it had more of a cafe culture to it and it was until then I realised this was a Giraffe Stop. The menu was a lot smaller, displaying burgers, hotdogs, toasties, curries and a breakfast menu and the counter was full of snacks like crisps and cakes, so pretty much anything you could easily take away with you on your commute to work.

We ordered at the counter then took our seat in the dine in area (which by the way you have to pay a bit extra for). The food came out surprisingly quick, we were only seated for about 5 minutes before the waiter came over with our orders. Part of the restaurant had a typical American diner feel but way more modernised, I like the fact that they left large jugs of water on a counter, which you could help yourselves with. Burgers were served on paper in a plastic basket to give you that diner experience.

This was my first time eating at Giraffe Stop and I must say that I left with a full belly and with a good impression. It was clean, the food came out fast and it was ok-priced for a restaurant in a London train station. 
Chicken green curry
Chicken BLT

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