Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Easy - Chelsea

I was tempted to just write about Big Easy Bar BQ and Crab Shack and leave out the photos altogether but I thought there is no harm in posting the photos. The reason why the photos are so terribly awful (used iphone and HTC) is that the lighting is so dimly lit in the basement of the restaurant, I had to use flash, which I hate.

Anyway I was out with four friends and we stumbled across Big Easy on King Street near Sloane Square. The outside looked flashy and as it was pouring with rain, we didn't hesitate and walked straight into the restaurant. The waitress was very kind and seated us at a reserved table, in which we had to leave by 8.30pm (which was just under 2 hours). She had experienced times when people refused to give up the table, but we gave her our promise and thanks that we would be gone by then.

The restaurant was so busy, the waitress took us downstairs and it felt a bit claustrophobic. This was pretty much the basement of the restaurant, it had no windows, the lights were dimly lit and the ceilings were very low, nonetheless each and every table was occupied. They really did try to make the most of all the floor space, as there was hardly any space to walk to our table without brushing someone's coat to the floor. Once we were seated we had a very helpful waitress who went through the menu with us, I decided on the Bar-B-Q Smoked Baby Back Ribs, which were slow smoked ribs with their special barbecue sauce with coleslaw and beans. As a side I also ordered their "Half and Half" of onion rings and steak house fries. 

My belly was so hungry up to this point, there was no necessary reason for me to have ordered the onion rings and fries. The whole meal reminded me of being in America and served a massive platter of food. They even gave you a plastic bib to help you dig in without ruining your clothes. The food was good, the ribs were cooked well and the meat was easy to pull from the bone. The downside is that I don't think the pork ribs are marinated in anything, it looks and tastes like they just drown it in bbq sauce and serve it to you. 

I also think the portion of coleslaw was overkill, it would have been nicer to have half the amount but provide a small corn on cob or something. My overall meal experience was ok, although I'm not sure if that was a true reflection of how it actually was, as at this point I was so hungry I could have eaten anything.

Baby rack of ribs with coleslaw and beans
Half and half, onion rings and fries

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