Saturday, February 16, 2013

Potters Cafe Bistro Restaurant

I love eating at local restaurants when I am away from home and I usually find that the food tends to be at a higher quality in comparison to your usual food chains. Anyway whilst travelling through Dorchester I came across a quaint little cafe off the main street called Potters Cafe. This cafe/bistro looked so homely inside, you could tell that it was lived in before. The old fireplace was still there, which reached from the ground floor to the first floor, which really gave the place character. I liked the fact they hung paintings on the walls, which I assume were local artists that could be sold to customers.

My boyfriend and I both selected meals from their special menu, which were toasted ciabatta with brie, aubergine and homemade chutney and tempura battered plaice with chips and tartare sauce. The food was great, it was all so fresh and just how I would expect good country food to be like and the portions were very generous for the price we paid. This is what I like about exploring, its when you find hidden gems like this cafe and enjoy good honest food. 

Ciabatta with brie and aubergine
Battered plaice with chips
Side view of Potters Cafe

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