Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tokyo Diner

You may have noticed that I have hardly blogged this month and the reason being is that I'm trying to eat out less and maintain a healthy diet. I booked a holiday in April and that is my target to have slimmed down by. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean I have to completely stop dining out.

Last night my boyfriend and I had planned to eat at Nandos, as he had been craving this for 3 weeks. As we walked towards the entrance he shocks me by telling me that he wants chicken teriyaki and gyozas. For those who don't know my boyfriend, he hadn't eaten lasagne, onion rings or tuna until he was 24. He is the "stick to what you know" type, so to have him say this really gobsmacked me. Anyway he then decisively ushered me towards the tube and we headed to China Town to see where we could eat. 

I had walked past Tokyo Diner many times and was always curious to know what it was like. The exterior tried to give off a traditional Japanese restaurant aura with its wooden framed windows and outdoor hangings. Inside it definitely reminded me of Japan, it was small, cramped and all the staff we saw spoke Japanese.

The staff were friendly and kept topping up our complimentary Japanese tea. After looking at the menu my boyfriend surprisingly ended up choosing chicken katsu curry, I went for the tonkatsu. My biggest disappointment of the evening was that my food came out 10/15 minutes after my boyfriend received his. The staff did apologise but when my tonkatsu finally arrived it was nothing special, I was left a bit disappointed and only finished my meal, as I was so hungry.

Would I come here again? My answer is sadly no. I think there are better places around London, which offer a cheaper menu and just as decent menu.

Chicken katsu curry
Rating: 4.25
Service: 3/10
Presentation: 5/10
Taste: 5/10
Quality: 4/10

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