Friday, March 29, 2013

Foodilic - Brighton

I ventured back home for Easter and met up with a few friends in Brighton. After a long day of shopping for a housewarming present we decided to rest and fuel up on food.

What I love about Brighton is that the choice in food is fantastic and varied like London, only in Brighton everything is so close together and my strong choices are often there in one spot. My friends and I decided on Foodilic, as the food in the window looked fantastic and there were so many vegetarian options for a buffet (one of my friends is a veggie). When we entered the restaurant it was a bit crazy, the buffet is in the corner near the door so there is a line of people queuing up crowding the front. As we walked through to get seated the tables were so close together and we were led upstairs which was a bit more spacious.

The queue for the food took ages (this place was so busy) and I had to strategically keep moving in and out between people whilst waiting, as the tables were cramped together. When I finally arrived at the buffet corner I was quite impressed and forgot about my queuing woes. There were two meat selections (beef and chicken) and a great range of colourful vegetarian dishes, which is perfect for healthy eaters or if you are vegan. I would describe the food as fresh, new, inventive and super tasty and the best bit is that you can keep coming back for more. 

I would highly recommend Foodilic, if you can get over the how cramped the restaurant can be. It was nice to eat at a restaurant where food is prepared with care and they make an effort to present it beautifully on the buffet spread. For £6.45 I thought it was great value for a delicious buffet and totally understand why this place is so popular. 

Tried to put everything on my plate
This was so sweet and did not taste nice at all

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