Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leon Restaurant

I apologise in advance that I don't have photos from my experience at Leon Restaurant, but hopefully you will get the gist of what I think from my blog. From what I understand the concept at Leon is trying to promote healthy eating using natural ingredients sourced from trusted farms. I have seen this chain gradually pop up all over London and my friend who I was dining with recommended it. At first when I entered I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a restaurant or a take away until the waitress gave us the option. Thankfully we chose to sit in as the menu board confused me at first glance.

The restaurant menu was much more simplified than the large billboard above the order counter, I chose the Leon Meatball Burger - 100% beef meatballs, pickle, garlic yoghurt and Leon-made tomato sauce with Leon Baked Fries. The meal was ok, I thought the burger was quite small, probably the size of my palm and was really messy to eat. It was served on a small board wrapped in paper. The "baked" fries were average, I wouldn't have advertised it as baked but fried and again the portion was quite small for what you paid for. Another negative was that the male and female toilets were all in one, I am not a big fan of mixed sex toilets but that's my preference. On a good note what I did like about Leon was that you could see straight into the kitchen, it was clean, tidy and exactly how I would expect a restaurant kitchen to look like.

Would I come here again? Probably not as the place didn't really excite me and neither did the menu have anything worth coming back for.

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