Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Wu - London Chinatown

Out of all the buffet places in London I think I pulled the unlucky straw and went to the worst one. My boyfriend and I chose this place because from the outside it looked clean, price looked reasonable and being busy is never a bad sign.

Inside there were bain-maries lined up along the window and the seating arrangements was like Wagamamas (long tables and benches). I didn't mind sitting close to the person next to me, but the tables hadn't been wiped properly and there was still pieces of food dotted around our place mat, not only this but our cutlery was missing until we asked the waiter. 

The choices available in the buffet were pretty much your predictable dishes like spare ribs, spring rolls, prawn on toast and chow mein. There were probably only 4 dishes which weren't fried, for example I expected the chicken skewers to be grilled but they tasted like they had been deep fried and seeped out oil when I pressed my fork against the chicken. I found the food either greasy or too salty and the quality of the food was just poor. I also thought it was a bit cheeky of them to add a service charge of 12.5%, as it was a buffet and the service was terrible in general. To add more salt to the wound, after we left my stomach did not feel great and I was sick when I arrived home. I'll never eat at Little Wu again and it has put me off at low cost buffets in Chinatown.

Prawn on toast, chow mein, satay sauce
Spring rolls, chicken skewers and bit of rice
Buffet selection 


  1. Wow, thanks for the warning. Wanted to eat there, or Mr Wu from the same owner. See a lot of negative comments

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