Saturday, March 16, 2013

See Sushi

I stumbled across this little gem by accident on Google as I was searching for a place which sold chicken gyozas. When I saw See Sushi on Google map I realised that it was round the corner from where I lived and after looking at the website the food looked too good to miss.

I went on a Saturday evening and the restaurant was quiet, I suppose this place thrives more during the week where people are in and out of the office and not to mention that its also tucked away behind busy Praed Street. The restaurant was big, modern and very clean, we were seated next to the radiator which was perfect for me as I was freezing from the cold outside.

We ordered the chicken teriyaki and unagi bento boxes, which came with miso soup, salad, vegetable gyozas and kabocha koroke (pumpkin croquette) and we ordered chicken gyozas as a side. The bento box was larger than I had expected, the unagi was tender and was marinated in a yummy fruity sauce. The vegetable gyozas weren't too greasy and I loved the kabocha koroke, it was my first time trying it and I loved the pumpkin filling and crunchy breadcrumb coat. The only downside of my meal was the dressing on the salad, it was salty and I'm not sure if it was soy sauce that was used. 

However overall we were impressed with our mains so decided to have dessert which was banana fritta with a choice of ice cream (I chose black sesame). The actual fritta didn't have the crispy batter, which was a bit disappointing but I loved the ice cream and orange sauce, it all went so well together.

I really enjoyed See Sushi and ended up sitting there for about three hours chatting away, it was really quiet which I appreciated. The prices of the bento boxes were decent and I plan on coming here again but to try their sushi dishes instead.

Clean and modern inside
Miso soup - camera was blurry as the lighting was dim
Chicken teriyaki bento
Chicken gyozas
Unagi bento
Banana fritta with black sesame ice cream

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