Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cameron Highland Tea Plantations

The sole purpose of visiting Cameron Highlands was for the tea plantations, I never realised that tea plants are grown at different altitudes to create different flavours, but this is what travelling is about, picking up random knowledge, which will never come to use. 

Our first visit was to the Cameron Valley (Bharat) tea plantation, which was an adrenaline filled walk from Tanah Rata and down the busy, meandering road towards Ringlet. It took us about 40 minutes to walk along the side of the road and with each passing car my heart jumped, as they would rocket past us. It was good to see that we weren't the only crazy tourists doing it. When we arrived at the tea plantation the panoramic views were breathtaking, I loved the fact that we were pretty much in the clouds.

The cafe itself was busy and full of tourists, but you could walk though and down into the plantation. It's a great spot to take some amazing photos of the landscape. After taking in the beautiful scenery we of course had to try the tea here. Our choices were cardamom tea (which tasted so much better when milk was added) and honey and ginger tea, which was the best I've ever tried. It tasted sweet but at the same time had the strong taste of ginger, which stuck on your tongue. 

Bharat tea plantation is worth the trip, a taxi from Tanah Rata costs about 10 ringgits and from Brinchang Bitang, 20 ringgits.

Bharat tea plantations
Cardamom tea and ginger and honey tea
Entrance to the tea house

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