Monday, April 22, 2013

Chilli Crab in Singapore Chinatown

I've read about chilli crab being a super popular dish in Singapore so knew I had to try it out and where better to than in Chinatown. It was so difficult to choose a place, as most restaurants served the dish and I didn't want to eat somewhere where I would be disappointed.

It took me a good twenty minutes to decide on a restaurant, I'm not even sure what the place I picked was called but at first glance I was attracted to all the strange and colourful plaques on the wall and it looked clean, there were fresh crabs and wasn't overcrowded.

After were ordered the waiter went outside and took a live crab from a trolley full and showed me what I would be eating, I said my peace and eagerly waited for it to be dished up. 

Oh my the chilli crab was delicious. It was cooked in a sweet and spicy chilli and tomato sauce, which went so well with the fried rice. The crab meat itself was soft and tender, it was a bit fiddly and not to mention messy to have to crack open the shell to get the meat. However this is a very worthy dish to try in Singapore, I paid around $32SND but I think prices vary depending on the season. 

Chicken and chilli
Egg fried rice
Chilli crab
Fresh crabs in a trolley
Shop front with a trolley full of live crab


  1. This restaurant is called "Ju Dian".

    1. Thank you so much. The nameof the restaurant was covered, as you can see from the photo :)