Saturday, April 6, 2013

Maroush Gardens - Edgware Road

I met up with a few friends down on Edgware Road and my friend suggested eating at Maroush Gardens by the Marble Arch end. I walk past this place a lot and it never really caught my eye as the building looks outdated and kind of grimy. However inside its a different story, it looked classy, stylish and beautifully decorated with flowers and plants. There was also a fish pond and skylight to give it that outdoor garden feel. The clientèle Maroush Gardens attracted was definitely different from the crowd you would find in the more casual restaurants down Edgware Road. 

The food was presented in large copper looking pots and an abundance of rice was provided. Also placed on our table was a basket of vegetables such as whole peppers, celery, cucumber, carrots and lettuce. I thought the food was really good, it was well presented and there was a fair amount of meat in ratio to the sauce.

After the meal a plate of fruit was provided with strawberries, pineapple, grapes and melon. Although after checking the bill, £2 was added per person for the bowl of vegetables and plate of fruit and on top service charge, which I thought was a bit cheeky.

Lamb with Vegetable and Rice
Special plate of the day - Lamb meatballs with yoghurt and rice

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