Saturday, April 13, 2013

Restoran Kumar - Cameron Highlands

Restoran Kumar wins first prize in Tanah Rata for having the most persistent and enthusiastic staff to entice customers into their restaurants. I ordered the "banana leaf" as they called it, which was chicken curry, rice, chickpeas, dahl, pickle and poppadoms served on a banana leaf. When the food arrived I could smell the aromatic spices flowing through my nose, enough to taste. It was good and very spicy, I kept looking over the next table watching the locals eat with their hands and trying to imitate them. I failed miserably and ended up with messy fingers.

The chicken tikka had been char-grilled and was bursting with flavour. It was slightly charred to a point where you could taste the smokey-ness but still enjoy the spices marinated in it. A wonderful place to try cheap and cheerful food.

Chicken curry with rice and many other side dishes
Roti and chicken tikka

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