Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rosette Cafe - Cameron Highlands

When it comes to Tanah Rata after a day or two you would probably recognise every restaurant in town. Tanah Rata is tiny but the main road is lined with colourful restaurants and cafes with enthusiastic people trying to win you into their restaurant. Today we travelled from Kuala Lumpur and felt fatigued, so picked the first place we saw, which was Rosette Cafe

I really wanted to get stuck in, in trying authentic Malaysian foods and went for the asam laksa, while my boyfriend the less adventurous one chose Thai red curry. The asam laksa was made with thick rice noodles in a aromatic, full-bodied fish and coconut milk soup. It was delicious and had a punchy fishy flavour to it with a little spicy kick. I loved finding flakes of fish mixed in with the noodles as I slurped away. I will definitely try this dish again and can understand why its so popular. The red Thai curry was ok, I wanted the sauce to be slightly thicker and spicier, but overall I had no complaints with the food. My boyfriend was especially pleased with the strawberry pancakes. These were made fresh and the strawberries were locally sourced making it even tastier.

Its a lovely restaurant with a decent array of foods on the menu. The price was ok for a restaurant, but of course doesn't beat Hawker stall prices by a long margin.

Thai red curry
Asam laksa
Strawberry pancakes

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