Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Parlour - Canary Wharf

My friend arranged a long awaited meet up with our University friends at a restaurant/ bar called The Parlour by Canada Square. My first impression of this place was modern, up beat and just damn cool. I loved the interior and how on each table there is a cute flowery jug of water, herb plants and oversized menus with a miniature peg attaching a note of the special dishes. 

We started off our lunch with a round of cocktails, the menu had a decent selection and the bar staff can make bespoke cocktails upon request. When we ordered, what I was most impressed with was the presentation of the food. It was original, simple and looked inviting enough for you to engulf with your mouth. For example fish and chips was served in a metal cooking tin, the chips were served in plant pots or cups and burgers were dished up on plastic trays. It was major food porn and I was impressed that a bar like this would deliver something this imaginative and tasty.

They apparently have other chains dotted over the city, one of which I think is The Folly by Monument station and I'm not sure of the rest. 

Would I come here again? Most definitely yes, for both the food and drink. I think I enjoyed my experience more in the fact that we were in the city on a weekend, which usually means restaurants and bars are a lot quieter and you don't get swept up in the fast paced city life.

Cocktails o'clock
Salmon and lemon fish cake with tartare sauce
Fish and chips

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