Friday, May 17, 2013

Big Easy - Steak and Lobster

This is the second time I have eaten at Big Easy and its still overcrowded and the service is slow as ever. I went with a group of work colleagues and we booked a table for 7pm, which was downstairs in the tightest corner. There were four fully grown male gym enthusiasts all squashed along the wall with barely any space to move. 

We waited around forty minutes for our food to be served, which I think is a bit too long. I chose the deal of the day, which was lobster and steak for £19.50. The food was ok, the steak pieces in comparison to my friends were inconsistent. My serving looked like a meaty block, whereas my friends had what you would expect a steak to look like. I asked for the steak to be cooked medium-rare and this was done perfectly, so I couldn't fault that but the lobster was probably my favourite part of the meal, even though when it was served it looked like someone had taken a forkful already (see the photo below and you will know what I mean. The meat wasn't too messy to pull from the shell, I just wished there was more of it. 

I have to say that after finishing the meal I was stuffed, to a point where I couldn't eat or drink anything else or my belly would have popped. Would I come here again? Probably not and if so, hopefully not for a while. Not really a fan of dining in tight, uncomfortable spaces, especially with a heavy meal.
Steak and lobster for £19.50

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