Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Haz Restaurant - St Pauls

I'm always spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out and indecisive in choosing where to eat, so I was in luck when my friend made the executive decision to dine at Haz Restaurant in St Paul's. Before dinner we had a cheeky cocktail after work at Madison, which is on the roof top of One New Change. I would highly recommend going up here, not necessarily to the bar but you can take the lift to the roof top terrace, which offers a panoramic view of St Paul's cathedral and London's skyline.

Anyway back to dinner,once we were seated the waitress placed on the table some flat bread, olives and a type of dip (maybe feta). I don't remember what these tasted like, as I was so hungry and I forgot to think about what the food tasted like. For started my friend and I shared the borek (filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach) and karides tava (sautéed prawns in garlic and tomato sauce). I thought the borek was a bit salty, but the prawns were just delightful! The sauce was sweet and had a bit of spice to it, I would definitely recommend this.

For my main I went for the cevizli kasarli kofte (minced lamb with walnuts and halloumi cheese), which in the photo doesn't look like much but it was quite a heavy meal. The kofte was quite tough and chewy, it didn't really have the wow factor and the rice was definitely lacking in portion size. I definitely think there are nicer places to try Middle Eastern food and for half the price. I think this place is expensive for what it is and they add a service charge of 12.5% to the bill! I wasn't overly impressed with Haz, the restaurant looks better than the food tastes.

Borek, prawns in tomato and garlic sauce
Lamb kofte with walnuts and pine nuts with my measly portion of rice

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