Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nizuni - Fitzrovia

My boyfriend wanted to eat at Nizuni after reading a review on TimeOut, which listed it as one of the best Japanese eateries in London. I wouldn't have picked this place as its a bit more pricer than what I would pay, but as my boyfriend's boss was expensing our meal, how could I say no?

When we walked through the door and into Nizuni, the staff were so friendly and greeted us both before being seated. This is a pretty casual restaurant in a sense that you could have a relaxed meal with friends  or a dinner date. The restaurant is dimly lit and decorated using earthy colours, which just put you at ease. Prior to coming to Nizuni we had read reviews where many highlighted the length of time between the starter and main was long. We did not have the same experience, although we asked for our starters and main dishes to arrive at the same time but instead our mains came right after we finished the starters (3 minutes or so). 

So for our dinner we had the sakeawa (salmon skin, spring onion with spicy mayo), chirashi set and katsudon (pork cutlet with egg on steamed rice). I was really impressed with the meal, the sauce for the katusdon was sweet, full-flavoured and nothing like what I've tried at a Japanese restaurant. The pork cutlet was crispy and I was glad the egg didn't cover it all, as it can make it soggy and lose its crunchy coat. The chirashi set is pretty much what you see is what you get. There was a good variety of fresh sashimi, presented beautifully in a wooden bowl and both our mains were served with pumpkin croquette (which I loved), salad and egg. The portion sizes for both main meals were larger than what I had expected, especially after reading reviews slamming the sizes.

We both had a lovely dining experience here, the staff were attentive and kept topping up our wine and when we asked for the bill it came straight away. The food is fresh and I much prefer places like this than the chains like Yo-Sushi and Itsu. I would recommend Nizuni if you want good authentic Japanese food, fresh sushi in a relaxed restaurant, I certainly look forward to visiting again.

Sakeawa - salmon skin, spring onion with spicy mayo
Chirashi set
Katusdon - pork cutlet with egg on rice
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