Saturday, May 18, 2013

You Me Sushi - Marylebone Road

Every time I jump off at Baker Street to visit my local library I pass this sushi shop called You Me Sushi and always see their workers running out the shop, jumping onto their mopeds and ready to deliver food. After eight months of walking past You Me Sushi, I finally managed to eat here when my sister craved sushi on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The shop is quite cosy with options to eat inside or out and even take away. I was quite surprised at the number of orders for deliveries as I didn't expect people to have take away sushi. My sister and I picked two pre-made sushi boxes from the fridge, both at £12 each and with free miso soup. On top of that they had a 20% discount for eating inside.

I was really impressed with You Me Sushi, the fish tasted good, it didn't have that "been in the fridge for two hours" taste like you get at supermarkets. The rice was still soft and the sushi rolls were well made. Not only that but I like the fact they provide you with free wasabi, extra soy sauce and ginger, I always expect these additions to be complimentary and have been to a few places in London where I've been charged and left disappointed. 

Overall I had a good experience, the staff were very friendly and the restaurant was clean. I would like the try ordering takeaway from here and see how prompt they are at delivering food and the quality.
Mix of tuna and salmon sashimi, nigiri and maki

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