Friday, July 19, 2013

Beijing Dumpling - Chinatown

Trying to find a good and reasonable place for hot pot (steamboat) in London was difficult. I had read various reviews about Little Lamb but decided on Beijing Dumpling in London's Chinatown. What swung it in Beijing Dumpling's favour was that I read the food was unlimited in comparison to Little Lamb. And oh my, there was a serious amount of food given to us in the first instance, they should have given us less really, as we ended up wasting a lot.

For around £20 you can have all you can eat hot pot, which includes slices of beef, pork, lamb, tofu, various pieces of seafood and vegetables. You also get to pick two soup bases to cook your food in.

What we didn't know at the time was that they bring a massive plate of food to your table, I thought we would have ordered what we wanted first. Also the clause when ordering the all you can eat hot pot is that any food which is wasted, is then boxed and you're charged £8.50 per box. So we didn't enjoy our meal as much as we would have liked, with the thought we could potentially be charged for leftover food. In the end the waitress just took it all away and we assumed you would have been charged if you over ordered.

Anyway back to the food, it wasn't bad for £20. I really enjoyed the lamb slices, which I think we pre-frozen for you to boil and these pink pork slices. There is a lot of food to choose from, so something for everyone, but I think what really attracts the customers are the chefs who prepare the dumplings in the window from scratch. 

Overall the dining experience was good apart from the whole "charge for leftover food" thought, but in the end we weren't charged and the food was good.

Massive plate of food
Two soup bases
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