Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mehfil - Southall

After craving Indian food for a while my boyfriend took me to Mehfil in Southall. The food was spicy, authentic and so delicious. For starters I ordered the Papri Chaat, which is a layer of flour and lentil crisps, boiled potato slices and chickpeas topped with yogurt, tamarind chutney and mint. It was heavier than I expected but I couldn't get enough of it. The lentil crisps gave such a crunchy texture to the overall dish and the tamarind sauce added a hint of sweetness.

For our mains we had butter and garlic naan bread with Chicken Nilgiri (boneless chicken cooked in capsicum gravy with spinach, cashew, almonds with mint & coriander) and Saag Gosht (lamb pieces cooked & tempered with onions, garlic and fenugreek). I loved the Saag Gosht dish, the sauce was thick and the lamb was so tender, it wasn't as spicy as the Chicken Nilgiri. Also the naan bread was warm and didn't got stale or hard towards the end of the meal, which is usually a good sign. 

I had a great dining experience, the restaurant interior is elegant and the table service was excellent. The food tasted like it was cooked with fresh ingredients and the fusion of spices made the unique flavours a definite hit. I left with a full belly and the anticipation to come to Mehfil again.

Papri Chatt
Selection of naan with Chicken Nilgiri and Saag Gosht
Ras Malai
Mehfil on Urbanspoon

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