Monday, July 29, 2013

Mudmee - The City of London

I am always spoilt for choice when it comes to eating around the City of London and today my friend introduced me to Mudmee a small Thai restaurant hidden behind Liverpool Street. Although take the word Thai lightly as I did notice the restaurant served Pho, which is a Vietnamese dish and Singaporean Laksa.

The food was ok, I thought the curry Gaeng Goong (King prawns curry cooked with pineapple, peppers, fresh lime leaves and coconut milk) should have been more spicy as the menu did show a chilli symbol next to it. It was definitely nicer to eat out in a restaurant than to grab a sandwich and take it back to the office. 

As the dish I selected was from the Lunch Express menu it came to £7.90, which I thought was great value for being a restaurant in the city.

Gaeng Goong

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