Sunday, August 11, 2013

Turkdin - Bayswater

I wanted to really like Turkdin after reading great reviews, but didn't. Well, its not that I didn't enjoy the food, I think after reading all the reviews it didn't meet the hype or expectations I had. For my main I chose the Kupang masak serai, which was mussels cooked in a light coconut sauce flavoured with lemon grass. The coconut was more watery than light, I expected it to have a kick of coconut but it was flavourless and lacked substance. For dessert we shared fried banana fritters served with vanilla ice cream. This was good, but didn't make up for the shortfall in the main meal. 

I recently visited Malaysia and have to say, the food at Turkdin tasted nothing like the Malaysian food. There was no burst of flavour or spice to heat the tongue. It was such as shame as I really looked forward to eating here.

Mussels in coconut sauce
Chicken curry
Banana fritter

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