Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Penang! - Westfield Shepherds Bush

One of my favourite things about Westfield (Shepherds Bush) is the ample of selection of restaurants dotted around the shopping centre. My usual go to spot is the "hawker centre" area inside Westfield, but today my friend and I decided on dining out on the Southern Terrace. The restaurant which stuck out most was Penang! with its bright, bold, blue exterior. 

The menu is inspired by Malaysian street food where the name say it all. Penang! The king of street food across the states of Malaysia.

I recently went to Penang back in April and and can say that the food here is not 100% authentic, but nonetheless I thought it tasted good. The menu has a selection of little dishes where you can choose several things to share, similarly like tapas and also larger meals for one. 

My friend and I ordered prawn crackers, steamed bun sandwich, which was filled with duck, hoisin sauce and a lot of spring onion. The duck was full of flavour but I couldn't taste any hoisin sauce, which I love. We also tried the Sayur curry puff served with mango chutney. From first glance I thought the pastry would be dry, thick and make my mouth taste of cotton wool, but I was wrong. The pastry crumbled in my mouth and had more filling than I had anticipated. I was definitely pleased with this choice.

For my main I chose the Kari Kambang, which was described as a classic Malaysian curry, rich and beautifully aromatic. It was certainly flavoursome with large chunky pieces of lamb and had a kick of spice, which left my tongue salivating. However my only displeasure (quite a big one for me) was that it was really oily to a point where I could see my reflection. From the photo below you can see how much oil there was in the curry, no matter how much I stirred it within a few seconds the oil would rise to the top and form a layer. This was quite off putting.

I also ordered roti parata to eat with the curry and for £1.50 I thought it was expensive. They should have at least provided you with two pieces. The roti itself was not the usual type you would have in an Indian restaurant, this one was crispy and flaky but I did enjoy it.

Overall I had a good dining experience at Penang!. The food tasted good and the service was great. Some dishes were debatable to be just Malaysian, to me I would have called it fusion. I understand that are Malaysian dishes on the menu but it just didn't give me the same buzz as real street food in Penang did or reminded me of it.

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