Friday, October 18, 2013

Poncho 8 burritos

There are far to many places to eat lunch around the Gherkin. From cafes, take-outs and fast food chains that are squished into every corner of the city. I recently passed by Poncho 8 a small shop that makes fresh burritos and decided to try it for the first time. It reminded me of Subway with its "production line" of burrito making. 

The menu is simple, self explanatory and is broken down into four sections, which you read from right to left and pick what ingredient you want from each. I chose tomato rice, refried beans, chicken, cheese, sour cream and lettuce all wrapped up into a warm tortilla goodness. As I paid for my meal the shop assistance asked if I wanted a free bag of nachos and chilli sauce, as it was coming towards the end of the day and they couldn't keep it over the weekend. I was pretty happy with my freebies.

The burrito was very filling but tasted a bit too salty for my liking. For £4.99 it was a decent price for lunch, especially with my complimentary nachos. So if you want to try something different from the common Pret a Manger, Itsu and EAT then I would recommend Poncho 8.

Chicken burrito, nacho and medium chilli sauce

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