Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sen Nin - Isnlington

Now days when I feel like I'm on a budget there are so many websites which offer 50% off meals or special deals where food is heavily discounted. My boyfriend bought us a voucher for Teppanyaki-Style Japanese dining for two at Sen Nin with two strawberry margaritas. 

The voucher was sold to us as “Enjoy dinner and a show as a feast of Japanese food is prepared before your eyes at the newly re-launched Teppanyaki restaurant Sen Nin. Their theatrical and skilled chefs will astound you with their skills as they whirl, juggle, flip and flame raw ingredients into stunning dishes at the Islington restaurant”

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were seated on a table very close to the entrance of the restaurant. We asked the waitress whether it was our permanent table for the night or whether we would be moved to a different location for the "Teppanyaki" experience. The waitress replied saying ‘our restaurant was refurbished around 2 months ago, unfortunately since then we do not offer a Teppanyaki experience’. Both our jaws just dropped, we had bought the voucher with the intention to see the chefs throw food in the air and wow us with a Teppanyaki show. We were left disappointed and the voucher had been mis-sold to us, if we had known we would have gone elsewhere.

This aside, the food was actually quite good. To start we had the miso soup and spicy seafood soup. 

Our second choice was the Dragon roll which was delicious and presented beautifully. It was a tempura prawn rolled up in rice served with unagi and decorated with spring onion and a drizzle of teriyaki sauce.

I chose the Wagyu beef cooked medium rare served with mushrooms and chive. The beef was juicy and succulent but I didn't really think this dish was Japanese. 

It was the same for the lobster, it was presented and cooked perfectly but this dish could have been easily served to me in a French restaurant and I wouldn't have known.

We had a disappointing start to the meal after not meeting our first expectation and then the food being classed as Japanese but not. Nonetheless despite my opinion of it not being Japanese the food was a good standard but I wouldn't come to Sen Nin again as our experience has been tainted by the lack of Teppanyaki effort and has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

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  1. Such a shame. I want to go to a Teppanyaki place too. Let me know if you ever come across a good one.