Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Christmas dinner - Fountain's Abbey

I love this time of year when the pubs are furnished with Christmas decorations and the seasonal Christmas menu kicks in. The Fountains Abbey is probably my local pub as I'm usually down here to watch the football over a bottle of cider and when I noticed the "Turkey special" etched on the blackboard, I couldn't resist.

The turkey was cooked ok, actually everything was ok apart from the pig in blankets. This tasted like it had been cooked hours ago and left in the oven for five hours longer than it should have been. It was rock solid. I tried my best to cut through it with my fork and knife, but because it was so hard as I sliced the sausage one half flew off my plate and onto the floor, which added a sour taste to my mouth. This turkey meal was well off the mark and the lack of gravy did not help. I was really disappointed as I usually quite like the food here and expected better quality food.

My boyfriend opted for the Hunter's chicken and that again was pretty poor. The chicken had been overcooked so the meat was dry so we attempted to balance the texture with the barbecue sauce but this had been cooked to the point where it stuck to the bottom of the plate. Not impressed Taylor Walker!

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