Sunday, January 26, 2014

China Buffet - London

After a few drinks my friends and I wandered through London's Chinatown in search for a place to relieve our appetite. My last food experience in Chinatown wasn't great as I got an upset stomach from eating at Little Wu's and told myself that I wouldn't eat at another Chinese buffet restaurant for a while. Unfortunately hunger got the best of us along with the majority vote and we made a decision on China Buffet.

All I can say is that with a cheap price comes cheap quality food and terrible service. I really didn't like it here. The moment we stepped in we were taken upstairs and seated in a dark corner with the air con blowing cold air on us. The restaurant had low lighting probably to mask the terrible decor, the menu was sticky and for a Chinese restaurant there were no chopsticks on the table. Disappointed. 

The buffet selection was average with similar choices to other restaurants around, only it was bland and greasier. The food was shining off my plate. One thing is that it didn't give me an upset tummy, but in turn probably clogged my arteries with oil. I would not recommend China Buffet and would avoid coming here again. I also really despise how buffet restaurants enforce a service charge when you go get your own food. Terrible.

My plate of grease

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