Thursday, January 23, 2014

Okawari - Ealing Broadway

Okawari was a consolation prize as we initially planned on eating elsewhere until we found out the restaurant had closed down and was turning into Bill's. But nonetheless Okawari managed to fill the empty hole in my stomach with its Una-Don and for my boyfriend who chose Bento box E with pork tonkatsu, tempura, rice, pickle and salad.

The Una-Don had a nice sweet and tangy taste to it but I wished there was more sauce to mix in with my bed of rice. For the Bento box the tempura batter was light and fluffy, exactly how I like it but it was the tonkatsu that let it down. It was too dry and chewy.

The restaurant itself is run by Chinese people and could be decorated better, I felt the front was like a cafe kitchen and each time the door opened I would get a sweeping gust of cold air in my face. I did noticed at the back there were some low level seating, unfortunately I can't say much on this as I didn't sit there. However what I can say is that Okawari is definitely popular with the local,s as people were constantly streaming in and out the doors for either a sit down meal or takeaway.

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