Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Peking-Seoul - Paddington

I am gutted that I deleted the photo I took from this restaurant by accident as I wanted to show everyone how tiny the portions were. My friends and I chose different dishes and each cost between £7.50- £9. When it was dished up on our table my mouth dropped at how small the portion was, there were measly strips of beef, which lacked any sauce. Even worse the food was served on a big plate, so made it look even worse.

The service was terrible, there was a girl standing behind the counter doing some calculations and as we walked in she just ignored us. Then throughout the meal not once did she come and ask us if we needed extra drinks or anything, bear in mind we were the only customers in the restaurant at the time. I tried to catch her attention but she continued looking down at this book. Absolutely ridiculous.

If you want good Far Eastern food then I would highly recommend Bonda Cafe. This Malaysian restaurant is only a stone throw away from Paddington station. It's not the fanciest of all places but serves traditional Malaysian food using authentic flavours. If spicy food is your game then Bonda Cafe is a must visit. The portions are very fair for the price you pay.

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