Saturday, January 25, 2014

Potty about Potli - Hammersmith

After spending the morning shopping at Westfield Shepherd's Bush I grew quite a large appetite and was really looking forward to pigging out at Potli. For some crazy reason I decided to walk it from Westfield down to Hammersmith then along King Street to the restaurant, this actually felt like it took forever. When I arrived at 14.45 I saw a sign, which said it closes at 3pm and reopens later. For a second my heart sank until the waiter kindly greeted us and said we were welcome to stay and eat as long as the starter and main could be served at the same time. This was fine with me.

I chose the aloo papri chaat, which is spiced potatoes and savoury fritters laced with date, tamarind relish, mint and coriander chutney, whipped yoghurt, topped with crispy vermicelli and the lamb coconut fry(a house speciality). The aloo papri chaat was not the best I've had but still very tasty. Each mouthful was a blend of tangy, sweet and spicy flavours, which ended with a crunch. The lamb coconut fry was delicious, it was hot, fiery and made my nose run but I couldn't stop eating it with my with garlic and coriander smothered naan. 

Potli really does deliver on big authentic Indian flavours and fuse some incredible tasting spices. The portions are quite big and for a very reasonable price. I was really happy with my meal and understand why this restaurant has such high praise on review websites. 

Lamb Hara Masala with chickpeas, naan, rice and salad
Aloo papri chaat, lamb coconut fry, Tawa fish
Garlic and coriander naan bread

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