Saturday, February 15, 2014

Central Cafe/ Kávéház - Budapest

My friend and I definitely treated ourselves on this holiday, not only with spa days but also dessert days. Central Cafe is a place not to be overlooked, expect to pay a bit more than in your usual Hungarian cafe but this coffee house has an old style Eastern European feel to it with brass lighting hanging down from the high ceilings and a grand clock overhanging on the wall. I enjoyed the ambience here, its a great place to hang out in the late afternoon and let your mind wander.

I sat down with a cafe latte and a flodni shortbread filled with homemade plum jam, poppy seeds and steamed apple. My friend chose to have a cronut filled with jam. For those who don't know what a cronut is, it's a croissant crossed with a donut and it is delicious!

I would recommend Cafe Central, it was a great way to spend a lazy afternoon and plan out the rest of the holiday.

Cronut filled with jam

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